SUSHI NIGHT These California rolls with crispy onion were soo tastyy —> SWIPE …


These California rolls with crispy onion were soo tastyy🤤🤤

—> SWIPE for the ingredients

To make the rice you will need:

📌Sushi rice
📌Rice wine vinegar
📌Caster sugar

– Rinse your rice until the water is no longer starchy
-add to a pan with just under double the amount of water
-bring to a boil and then simmer for 10 minutes
-pop the lid on and let this sit for 25 minutes (dont touch the rice)
-transfer the rice to a large bowl, breaking up the larger chunks but dont squish the rice
-add the rice wine vinegar, salt and sugar to a bowl and warm in the microwave for a few minutes
-incorporate this mixture to the rice

For the fillings you will need:

📌imitation crab/seafood sticks
📌large ripe avocado
📌mayo & paprika
📌crispy onion
📌sesame seeds

– put your nori on the sushi mat with the rough side up
-wet your hands and then scoop up a handful of rice
-spread it evenly on the nori
-sprinkle some sesame seeds on it
-flip the nori around so the rice is on the other side
-to the middle of your nori, add in your fillings
-roll it up
-cut it up into bitesized chunks
-add a dollop of the mayo&paprika sauce
-add some crispy onions

Serve with some dark soy sauce and enjoy!!!


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